Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Getting Ready

Monday was another decent March day although it wasn't as mild as Sunday. So far March has been kind to us and it will be a bit of a disappointment and a shock to the system if we get a bit of a cold spell.

On the plot the grass had dried out so I decided it was time for the allotment paths to get their first strim of the year.
Some of the beds on the plot are now starting to dry out. I lifted the weed control fabric on two of our beds. I reckon if it stays dry these beds should be ready to cultivate by the end of the week.
These will be the first four beds to be planted up. The one in the fore ground will be early potatoes Casablanca and then progressing round in a clockwise direction will be onions, peas and early brassicas. The brassica bed was prepared a few weeks ago and is ready for planting. The early potatoes won't be planted through weed control fabric as this makes harvesting, as and when needed, more difficult.
Part plan for plot 42 in 2017  (notes from 2016 left as reminders)
The weed control fabric has been rolled up and moved to the end of the appropriate bed ready to be reused once the bed has been dug over.
Now all I need is for the weather to remain dry for the rest of the week and for my cultivator to start up after its long winter break.


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