Monday, 13 March 2017

More Potatoes in Tubs

Sunday turned out to be a lovely mild March day as the temperature reached 15.3°C or 59.5°F the highest of the year. After a bit of a dull start to the day there was a decent amount of sunshine in the afternoon making it feel so much better. We decided on an afternoon at the allotment to get a little more tidying up done and to plant a few more potatoes in tubs.
Temperature & Solar Radiation Records for 10-12 March 2017
We managed to pot another three tubs of Casablanca early potatoes. These will grow on in the plot greenhouse. They've joined the two tubs that we planted up a couple of weeks ago.
Potatoes - Casablanca
I reckon that the beds on our plot are still a bit too wet to dig over. I'm not too worried as I don't think I've anything that needs planting just yet especially as we have a few early potatoes planted up in those pots. A nice dry week would do the beds a great deal of good. Not being able to get any digging done I decided to do some tidying under our greengage trees.
I think that this will probably be the last of the major tidying up jobs to get done as attention switches to sowing and planting crops.

Sue did a bit more on our new bug hotel as well as some more weeding of our fruit tree beds
I've included a video of our gardening activities of the last few days.

By the time we left the plot on Sunday the sunshine had disappeared.


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