Monday, 27 March 2017

If It's Not Slugs It's Mice

Sunday was another sunny and mild spring day.

Last week in our home greenhouse our emerging lettuce seedlings were devastated by slugs or at least one slug. I popped into the greenhouse on Sunday morning to check if anything needed watering to find that something had been digging up our sweet pea seeds. I'm blaming mice for this damage. On top of several cells were the remains of sweet pea seed coatings and I'm assuming a mouse had eaten the rest.
I'm not sure whether or not it found all the seeds in the cell or just the one. It definitely had a dig around in more than one cell but the damage didn't look too extensive and lots of cells looked undisturbed. Hopefully that will be the case and the culprit has not had too many of our sweet pea seeds for breakfast.

It's going to have to work harder if it wants any more sweet pea seeds.
Over winter with little gardening activity going on it's easy to forget to take precautions early on in the season to prevent such attacks. I must admit I'm surprised it missed the broad beans I sowed a couple of weeks ago.

On the allotment we continued to do a few tidying up jobs and getting beds ready for the start of next month when sowing and planting will get underway in earnest. The video below includes most of the jobs we managed last week.

We have now created a vlog that will house all our gardening videos, some of which may not make it onto either of our blogs. It's called Two Gardeners - One Video Diary. Follow the link if you are interested in taking a look.


  1. A lot of work being done in the plot! I think it's mice! I have same issues here too!

    1. Silly me for some reason I thought we hadn't got any mice. At least we can soon start planting in the plot.


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