Thursday, 16 March 2017

Getting Stuck In

We've had some lovely spring days over the last week with the temperature on a sort of steady increase as the week has progressed. Wednesday turned out to be the best of the days with almost unbroken sunshine, just a light breeze, and the temperature reaching 16.2°C or 61.2°F. The highest March temperature I've recorded was set on 28 March 2012 at 21.9°C or 71.4°F.
Temperature, Rainfall and Solar Radiation Records 10-16 March 2017
I decided the soil in some of our beds on the plot would have dried out enough to turn over with the cultivator.
Our mini cultivator came out of winter storage in the garage, was fuelled up, and taken down to the plot to see if I was correct  in thinking that the soil was dry enough to be cultivated. As you can see the ground turned over a real treat. After a first pass with the cultivator I added some fish, blood and bone fertiliser and then incorporated that using the cultivator.
I managed to get four beds dug over and ready for planting. We've got beds prepared for our early potatoes, first sowings of peas, planting early brassicas and onion sets and shallots.

I've added a short video of the grass paths on the plot getting their first cut of the year.


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