Sunday, 5 March 2017

Wouldn't You Know It

Saturday turned out to be a lovely sunny March day and with only a gentle breeze it felt mild in the sunshine. It tempted us down to the plot. We've had a fairly dry winter and that has meant that the soil had remained workable and we've managed to renovate some areas of the plot. However, now sowing and planting time is upon us the weather's decided to turn a bit wetter.
Temperature & Rainfall 02 February - 04 March 2017
As we walked on our grass paths there was a rather unpleasant squelching noise. The result of the recent rainfall is that the soil is too wet to cultivate and we'll need a spell of dry weather before we can get any beds prepared. Our well trodden path to the shed is now not much more than a muddy and slippery path rather than a grass path. I've started tipping some wood chippings  onto it to make it a bit easier and safer to walk on.
I found a couple of old unused concrete paving stones and incorporated them into the newly laid wood chips. I'll cover the rest of the muddy path on our next visit. Well that's the plan. I'm sure grass will soon grow through the chippings once some better weather arrives.

We did do a little bit of harvesting to keep us supplied for a few days. Our parsnips have been very good this year. Saturday's specimens were dug out of very muddy soil and need a good wash before they were ready for the kitchen.
Parsnip - Gladiator
I shouldn't complain about the weather too much though. It is only early March after all. Here's a photo of our daffodils on 04 March this year.
04 March 2017
This is how they were suffering last year on the same day.
04 March 2016
Unfortunately the forecast for the next week doesn't look like that spell of drier weather is on its way just yet.


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