Saturday, 21 May 2016

We Need These at the Allotment

Over the last few days that lovely May weather has given way unsettled conditions with a few showers and not a lot of sunshine.

We decided  on another trip to North Yorkshire on Friday to visit The National Centre For Birds Of Prey situated in Duncombe Park at Helmsley. We almost didn't set off as the weather was cloudy and rain was in the air. We passed through some showers on the way to Helmsley and, at one point, thought we might well be turning around and heading home. As it turned out the weather wasn't too bad.
There was a strong cool breeze which helped the larger birds in the flying displays but at times heavy clouds threatened rain.

As you may well be aware on our allotment plot we have a problem with wood pigeons. At times they seem to eat anything that's green and not protected from them. We could do with a couple of these on the plot to reduce the wood pigeon population.

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  1. Look at the magnificent looking bird! They look so brave!


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