Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Got Wet Again!

We certainly aren’t picking our days for visits to the plot very well. After getting a soaking on Saturday we decided to spend Monday afternoon at the allotment. The fastest growing thing on the plot at the minute is grass and our paths were in need of a serious strimming. Sue had some annual flowers to plant out whilst I was cutting the grass.
Temperature, Rainfall & Sunshine Records from Saturday 21 May - Monday 23 May 2016
As you can see the rain held off until around the middle of the afternoon. We almost packed up to head home but after a while the rain stopped and the sun came out and it felt very warm. We changed our minds and carried on doing a few tidying up jobs as well as planting  and strimming.
This part of the plot is now fully planted up and it's just a matter of looking after the crops and hopefully harvesting some fresh fruit and vegetables. There is, however one bed on this part of the plot that we want to renovate but we never seem to get round to it. At the moment is doing its best to look good with the first roses coming into bloom, some iris flowers as well as lots of poached egg plants flowering amongst the grass.
Its one of those jobs that we never quite get round to on the plot. Sorting out our vegetable crops is always our priority and once we get on top of all the planting we'll consider doing a bit of renovation. At the moment I'm not sure whether we are behind or just about right with our sowing and planting. We're definitely not in front.
On this side of the plot we have much more planting to do but some beds still need a little bit of clearing and digging before we can get our courgettes, sweetcorn, leeks and more peas sown let alone more annual flowers. If the weather stays favourable over the next week and these beds can be dug over we'll be on schedule but some bad weather now could put us behind.
If it turns out I need something to do I could always tackle this little bit of jungle under our greengage trees. It would look much better with a good strimming but I'm not too sure what might be among the long grass and in the nettles. I'll content myself with the fact that nettles are supposed to be good for wildlife. Maybe I'll get round to it later in the year.


  1. Look like both of you have excellent plan for the plot this season! ;)

    1. We have our plans Malar but we'd like the weather to improve a bit so we can carry them out.


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