Saturday, 14 May 2016

Colder Weather Turns Up

Well I suppose we knew that the warmer than average start to May couldn't continue and the weather in Ossett changed around lunchtime on Friday. In the morning the sun was shining and the temperature rising. Then it went downhill.
Outdoor Temperature, Rainfall and Sunshine Records for Friday 13 May 2016
We only had a light shower of rain in the early evening but the temperature continued to fall. It did cross my mind to put some fleece over our young tomato plants in the greenhouse just in case temperature got really low but I didn't bother.
Greenhouse temperatures from 12:00 Saturday through to 06:00 Sunday 14 May 2016
As you can see from the read out from my greenhouse thermometer I only just got away with "not bothering" as the temperature fell to 4.3°C or 39.7°F. It's not an ideal temperature for growing tomatoes though.

Yesterday we visited a garden centre (Totties Garden Centre) near Holmfirth in "Last of the Summer Wine" country. We don't believe in visiting garden centres and coming away plantless. Friday was no exception.
Sue bought a Tulbaghia "Purple Eye" to add to our collection of alpines and I bought half a dozen cauliflower plants "Navona" a Romanesco variety with a fresh nutty taste. We haven't grown this variety before. These will replace the slug ravaged plants on the allotment. In a bid to outdo the slugs I'm intending to try to grow these cauliflowers on in larger pots to produce bigger, stronger plants for transplanting into their final positions in the plot.
Of course I realise that I might finish up producing even more food for the slugs and finish up with bigger, stronger slugs and still no cauliflowers. There's only one way to find out.

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