Monday, 9 May 2016

Blimey One Day Heatwave

The weather forecasters were spot on as they predicted Sunday would be the hottest day of the year so far. They were proved to be right as the temperature reached 24.7°C or 76.5F.
Sunshine & Temperature Records for 08 May 2016
We'd planned a day at home to tidy up the garden and replenish our seed trays with sowings of runner beans, French climbing beans, sweetcorn, sunflowers and some beetroot. It was far too hot to work in the greenhouse and it was a case of finding some shade on the lawn to sow the seeds.
I couldn't make my mind up at lunchtime whether to water our tomato seedlings in the greenhouse or not. They looked very dry as the sunny morning had taken its toll. Would watering them in the heat of the midday sun scorch the tender young leaves? I decided that if the seedlings flagged I'd give them some water assuming at that stage I'd have nothing to loose. In fact they hung on until the greenhouse fell into partial shade and it was safe to water all the greenhouse plants. 

We moved all our sweet peas out of the greenhouse and into one of our coldframes. The sweet peas all had the snip too as their growing tips were pinched out to help make them into busy plants when they're ready for planting out.
We now need to get some more beds dug over on the plot to accommodate all our newly sown plants in a few weeks time.


  1. Good decision indeed! Those sweet epas seedling look so awesome!

    1. The tricky bit is keeping them pest free when they are transplanted into the allotment in a week or so.


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