Thursday, 26 May 2016

Cold, Wet and Dull

Wednesday was probably the worst day of the month. May seems to be keeping the worst weather for the end of the month. It was cold and damp all day although we didn't have as much rain as some of the forecasts had suggested. The rain mostly held off until late in the afternoon but it was cloudy and cool all morning.
By teatime the mercury had only managed to make it to 10.2°C the coolest maximum daytime temperature of the month. It was also the dullest day of the month. I've left the sunshine trace  (yellow line) on the chart above so the trace for sunny days on Monday and Tuesday can be compared with Wednesday's dullness. Once it starts to get light a sunshine trace is recorded and the difficult bit is converting the original trace into hours of sunshine. My weather station calculated 4.8 hours of sunshine on Monday, 6.7 hours Tuesday and zero hours on Wednesday.

It wasn't a day for venturing out into the garden to take photos nor was it a day for visiting the plot. I did take some photos of our hostas around the pond edge on Tuesday to record the fact that so far they have remained slug free.
I think it's unlikely that we'll be able to keep them like this all summer but we can always hope.


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