Friday, 13 May 2016

Mollusc Heaven

Another couple of decent spring days with Thursday the sunnier of the two days and slightly milder as the temperature reached 20.3°C or 68.5°F.

Our grass is growing at an alarming rate both on the plot and in the garden at home. Thursday was strimming day on the plot. Once the grass was cut and the edges trimmed things looked pretty good. Of course I knew better as the first thing we always do on arriving at the plot is have a look around to see how are crops are doing.

Underneath the veggie mesh protecting our brassicas from the ever marauding woodpigeons the slugs and snails had been munching through our cauliflowers, calabrese and cabbages.
This wasn't the only plant they'd semi destroyed but hopefully if we can prevent any more damage the plants will recover. I don't like using slug pellets but as these plants are under mesh and the birds can't get to any slug pellets we have tried to protect our plants with a sprinkling of pellets.

When we got back home from the allotment I thought I'd better check to see if any watering was needed in the greenhouse as it had been a sunny afternoon. Before I did any watering I noticed this.
Some of Sue's yellow comos eaten by slugs or snails. I decided to have a look underneath the trays of plants on this bench to see if I could spot the culprit.
It didn't take much finding lurking under a tray of tomato seedlings waiting for dusk to fall before deciding which of our seedlings it would eat. It didn't get chance as it was left on the path as a freshly shelled snail ideal for a blackbird to finish off.

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  1. It's more of the same here. Snails are hiding in my little greenhouse and eating the plants at night. Outside slugs are eating the lettuces - all of the first batch I planted out, and two of the four I put out yesterday so far. The sprouts aren't look great either. And something's taken some nicotiana plants that I put too. I think they're winning.


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