Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Summerhouse Collection

Friday's weather was a great improvement over the last few days. It took until the afternoon for the clouds to break and the sun to come through but it was a welcome change from the drabness of the last couple of days.

We visited a few garden centres and of course we didn't come away empty handed. We bought some alpines and two scented geraniums for the summerhouse.
As it was a nice late afternoon and early evening we made the best of it and planted up our newly acquired plants.

I took the opportunity to repot last year's summerhouse plants into fresh compost so they should be set up for the summer.
We bought this begonia. Once upon a time this almost grew like a weed in the garden and greenhouse but for some reason we lost all the plants. Perhaps a bad winter finished them off. It's like having an old friend back.

Our full list of purchases is included below.

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  1. I could do with a visit or two to the garden centres. I've been looking at dianthus as well, maybe I'll splash out. Good to see the begonia looking so healthy.


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