Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Quality Plug Plants

Tuesday was a lovely May day with plenty of sunshine and pleasantly warm.

I've been a bit critical of the quality of some of the plug plants we've received over the last couple of years. They've normally gone on to produce decent quality plants after they've had some loving care and attention. We'd ordered some fuchsia and lavender plug plants from Thompson & Morgan when they were on special offer. I had my concerns about the quality of the plants we would receive especially as they were on offer. Over the last week both sets of plants have arrived and I've been very pleased with the plants supplied. 
Hardy Fuchsia Collection
Lavender Hidcote & Munstead
All the plug plants are now transplanted and if they don't grow on to produce some decent plants I don't think we can blame it on the poor quality of the plants we received.
The plants have been left in the greenhouse but will be moved into the cold frame outside as soon as there is some room available. We seem to be struggling for growing space at home at the moment but that's not really unusual at this time of the year.


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