Monday, 23 May 2016

One Wet Day, One Dry Day

Saturday turned out to be rather wet. We decided on planting out our sweet pea plants on the allotment. Of course as soon as we had all the plants unloaded and in position ready for planting it decided to pour down with rain. We took shelter in our shed and had a cup of coffee while the shower passed over.
As the rain stopped we left the shed and began planting the sweet peas but no sooner had we started than it started raining again. We decided we may as well get soaked and carried on planting.
At least we got the sweet peas planted. We decided that they probably didn't need watering in.

On Sunday we visited the Great Central Railway who were holding their Railways at Work event. We thought we'd watch someone else doing a bit of work. Luckily the weather turned out to be warm and dry.


  1. Well done on pressing on through the rain. I have a feeling lots of my seedlings down at the plot will have been flattened by a huge downpour of rain and hail on Sunday. The water running down the street was ankle deep, it was incredible. Lovely photos from the station on Sunday.

    1. Luckily our heavy showers have been on the short side and we haven't had any hail. The temperature got down to 4°C on Monday night so I'm hoping there wasn't a slight frost at the allotments as they're in a bit of a cold spot.


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