Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Made It to the Plot

It was our first visit to the plot since the 21 April which was around the time the Arctic blast set in. For us that's a long time in what should be a busy time of year on the allotment. I expected that our grass paths would continue to grow despite the cold weather and they didn't let me down.
As I'd anticipated this I'd taken the strimmer down to the allotment. It had a very busy afternoon.

The fruit blossom continues to put on a fantastic display.
Pear - Invincible
I think that the term covered in blossom is a fair description for our pear tree Invincible. We've noticed in the past that pears never seem to finish up with as much fruit as the blossom leads you to believe. Still even a few would be welcome. Since our last visit our cherry tree Summer Sun has come into flower.
Cherry - Summer Sun
It too has lots of blossom but not as much as the pear. Unfortunately for some reason the resident woodpigeons consider the leaves of this tree a delicacy and will strip the leaves almost overnight. This year we have a plan to try to stop them. I'll no doubt be blogging about its effectiveness. Hard to believe that fruit trees like this are now banned on the plot. They bring a real touch of spring to the allotments.

With the plot strimmed and our early brassicas planted (4 weeks later than last year) parts of the plot are starting to take on more of a cared for appearance.
I was surprised just how wet and claggy the ground was when we were planting our brassicas. I'm hoping it's not too wet to dig over some beds ready for peas, carrots, parsnips, potatoes and broad beans all of which need sowing and planting as soon as possible.


  1. It look so lovely! Fruit trees are banned over your place?

    1. Our council will not allow fruit trees to be planted on the allotments. Our existing trees can remain as they were already planted when the council decided on this rule. There are no restrictions on us planting them in the garden.


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