Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Must Do Better!!

I'm not sure if the figures back me up but May seems to be ending colder than it started. On Monday night, or rather the early hours of Tuesday morning, the temperature got down to 4.6°C or 40.3°F.
I always reckon the allotment site is a little bit colder than home. It must be located in a cold spot so I wouldn't be at all surprised if there wasn't a frost on the plot on Tuesday morning. That 4.6°C is the equal lowest I've recorded so late in May with the only other occasion occurring the 25 May 2013.

I was a bit surprised to receive a letter from Wakefield Metropolitan Council on Tuesday warning me that I wasn't keeping my plot up to their exacting standards of cultivation.

I'll be interested to see exactly happens after 14 days.

Meanwhile Tuesday was spent pottering about in the garden wilfully ignoring the letter. The pond filter had stopped working which turned out to be nothing more serious than masses of gunk blocking up the pump. All the time I was messing about around the pond I was treated to a family of young starlings squawking in the magnolia tree demanding food from their parents. 
We've some sparrow chicks about and our blackbirds and blue tits are busy collecting beakfuls of food for their chicks.


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