Monday, 2 May 2016

April's Arctic Blast Ends

Sunday turned out to be a little bit milder so hopefully that blast of cold air we had all last week is finally coming to an end. After a bright start the majority of Sunday was a dull affair with spits and spots of drizzle.

My weather station produces annual temperature figures as the year progresses. It's interesting to note that the average  low temperature for January 2016 was 3.2°C and guess what that's exactly the same for April just 3.2°C.

That average low temperature for this April is the lowest over the last seven years.
Even if January was mild I don't think I'd consider sowing many seeds then so I'm trying to convince myself that any sowings made on the allotment in April wouldn't have done very well. We certainly need temperatures to lift up considerably to kick start this year's allotment season.
I'm going to have to start doing much less of this and get on with some gardening.


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