Monday, 6 April 2015

Turned Out Smashing

Easter Sunday got of to a dull and cloudy start but by lunchtime the sun broke through the clouds and we had a lovely afternoon with clear blue skies. Some parts of the UK had their warmest day of the year but we didn't manage that so 07 March remains our warmest day of the year with 17.8°C (64.0°F).
Bank Holiday Monday has started off with every intention of breaking that record.

We couldn't resist the fine weather to make a proper start down on the plot. The first early potatoes - Foremost and Casablanca - were planted and a start was made readying other beds on the plot for this season’s produce.
Some beds are pretty soggy and hopefully the fine dry weather forecast for this week will dry them out ready to be cultivated. The plots had 43.0mm (1.7”) of rain in the last week and a bit, so I suppose I should expect our soil to be a bit on the claggy side.

I couldn't help but notice as we were sitting having a well earned cup of coffee that our trees still look to be in winter mode and I couldn't resist a comparison with last spring.
05 April 2015 still look to be in winter mode
08 April 2014 in blossom and starting to leaf up
Looking a bit more closely at the plum trees buds are there but aren’t opening out just yet. 
With the fine weather set to last all week it might well be a busy week in the garden and down on the plot.

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  1. I heard Chris Beardshaw (TV gardener) saying it was the low light levels rather than low temperatures that was holding back leaf buds from opening on woody shrubs and trees. They should get going this week, we've actually seen the sun.


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