Thursday, 16 April 2015

Alright For Some

Some parts of Britain had their warmest day of the year on Wednesday but that certainly wasn't the case in Ossett. It wasn't even close with the temperature below average for the time of year.

As you can see we only managed a high of 12.4°C (54.3°F) and we didn't manage that until the very late afternoon. With a cool breeze and no sunshine it felt even cooler.

I had a couple of hours on the plot doing a little bit more cultivating. Strangely the soil conditions over the plots vary enormously with some parts still pretty wet while other are in excellent condition to be cultivated. 
This bed cultivated easily. A couple of trips over it with the cultivator and it was done and ready to be planted up. The bed below though is a different matter.
It doesn't look too bad in the photo but the soil hasn't broken down into a fine tilth. This will be our carrot bed this year and I’m hoping to get our carrots sown next week. Perhaps another cultivating session next week will get the soil into a suitable condition for sowing.
Our pear “Delsanne” is now in full flower but unfortunately our other pear trees are still only in bud. This pear is also known as Goldember and is supposed to be self fertile and crop from early in its life. If it is self fertile the fact it’s flowering by itself shouldn't be a problem. Planted at the same time as “Red Williams” and “Invincible” it’s the only one we haven’t had a single fruit off. We thought this might be because it flowers early before our other varieties but as it’s self fertile this shouldn't be an issue. Maybe this is going to be its year. 

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. that soil has a really nice tilth to it, lots of hard work I imagine

    1. I only have to steer my tiller David. It does all the hard work.

  2. Hope carrots strive well there! The pear flowers are so pretty! SOon will be abundance of pear to be harvested! ;)


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