Wednesday, 8 April 2015

How Long Will It Last?

Easter Monday’s weather has set the benchmark high for good weather and whilst Tuesday didn't quite live up to Monday it was still a lovely April day. There was a little more cloud about, a bit more of a breeze and it was a little cooler.

Work carried on at the plot preparing beds ready for cultivating when the soil is a little drier. I might take the cultivator down this afternoon and test out a couple of beds to see how they dig.
This bed is cleared of weeds and ready for digging over. The rhubarb will have to be lifted and the grass removed from the roots. We’re thinking about revamping this bed to contain more fruit especially as we have some strawberry plants left over from planting up our new strawberry bed next to this one. I think I over did the quantities of plants required for our new bed but the plants certainly won’t be going to waste.

At coffee time we decided to have our cameras on standby ready to capture any of the blackbirds, dunnocks, robins, blue tits or great tits who continually sing during our allotment visits. They very quickly explore where any digging or clearing has been taking place in the search of bugs. Of course with cameras at the ready the birds stayed away apart from this robin who was happily singing away in the apple trees.
As for the good weather it’s forecast to last through to the weekend at least. The weekend looks cooler with some spells of rain around so I’m hoping that I can get some cultivating done before we have any more rain.


  1. That robin's in full song!

    1. I'm hoping it's clearing a few pesky bugs too.

  2. What a hard work! Hoep this part of plot will have a lot of fruits to be harvest! ;)


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