Sunday, 5 April 2015

Main Crop Tomatoes and Another Experiment

Saturday was mostly cloudy but in the afternoon we had a few brief sunny spells and it felt pleasantly mild.

After transplanting our early experimental tomato plants I thought it was about time I got our main crop of tomato seeds sown. These were all sown in small seed trays and placed under our indoor growlight to germinate.
I don’t want that many seedlings of each variety so each small seed tray was divided into two and around 10 seeds sown in each half of the tray. Some packets didn't contain that many seeds so all the seeds were sown so I've got no second chances if my seeds don’t germinate.
I was adding the list of tomato seeds sown into my spreadsheet when I noticed that I’d ordered the variety Gardener’s Delight but that I hadn't sown any. A search through my seed box found the packet hidden between other packets of seeds so I’ll have a few more seeds to sow.

We've also two packets of trial tomatoes from Marshalls, Fenda and Corazon which I’m sure Sue will be blogging about once she manages to get her new computer sorted out. 

It’s a busy month sowing and planting in the garden and allotment and I’ll be trying to keep an updated list of all our April sowings and planting here.


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