Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A One Night Stand

The forecast for Monday turned out to be wrong. Those gale force winds that were forecast didn't arrive. At one time on Sunday we had a Met Office warning of gale force winds for Monday and Tuesday but by Monday morning that had been lifted. Monday wasn't a bad day after all with some decent sunny spells and temperatures around average for the time of year.

If you've been following our great tit nest box camera saga you’ll know that one day last week the two great tits that had roosted in our box for several nights appeared to have an early morning tiff and that only one returned to roost the following night.
This is our lone great tit roosted up for the night all alone. Then the following night this happened.
Once again two birds roosting maybe some nest building was still a possibility. It wasn't to be, as in the early hours of the following morning once again the two birds appeared to squabble and part company.
We’re now back to one bird and are starting to give up hope of the idea of any nest building taking place.

We’ll be adding some video of the events to our link to the nest box page which you can find here.


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