Friday, 3 April 2015

Moving Home

After a wet and windy start on Wednesday, Thursday turned out to be a lovely early April day with plenty of sunshine and a gentle breeze replacing the gale force winds of the last few days. The temperature managed 13.3°C (55.9°F) in the afternoon.

Cabbages, calabrese and cauliflowers received from Marshalls a few weeks ago are now turning into decent looking plants and they were moved from the greenhouse to cold-frame. Some onions and shallots made the same journey to make room in the greenhouse for our sweet peas to be sown.
Our cold-frames are filling up nicely. Next week I’m hoping that the weather will be good enough for us to transplant our brassicas into the plot and if we’re really productive we might get some of our onions and shallots planted out too.
All that movement made space for our sweet peas to be sown. There are 3 seeds in each module and should they all germinate all 3 seedlings will be grown on and transplanted out later in the season. Our sweet pea varieties this year are Black Diamond, Blue Velvet, Candy King, Claire Elizabeth, Diamond Wedding, Gwendoline, Linda C, Magenta Rose and Noel Sutton


  1. that`s a beautiful looking cold frame the plants look in lovely condition, I had to take a double take on the title, pleased to see you are not

    1. They are very well made David. Sue got them a little bit cheaper by a bit of blogging. Certainly too good to go down the allotment.

  2. They look lovely! I am having mine in a green house still, but the weather is getting better and better and I think to move them outside soon! :)


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