Monday, 27 April 2015

Coldest Night of the Month

Monday was a lovely sunny day but it never felt very warm. In the sunshine it wasn't too bad but if the sun disappeared behind a cloud it felt cold. Overnight Monday into Tuesday the temperature fell to -0.5°C (31.1°F) our coldest night of the month and the coldest since 11 March 2015. 
I was glad I’d covered any tender plants in the greenhouse with fleece as the temperature fell to -0.1°C (31.8°F) in there. 
On the plot yesterday we had a couple of intruders who I’m told walked in through the allotment gates and onto our allotments.
The female was far more inquisitive than the male. They both walked across our new strawberry bed a couple of times taking care not to walk on any of our new plants. They may well have been sent packing had they threatened any damage. After a few minutes they’d decided they’d seen enough and took off heading towards the Wakefield. 

Copyright: Original post from A Gardener's Weather Diary author M Garrett


  1. Unfortunately the intruders who walked over my plot last week, trampling the parsnip seed bed, wore trainers !

  2. The are good intruder indeed! They manage not to do any damage ;)

  3. Hope you didn't have any frost damage. Monday night was horrible here - we had a massive hail shower around 5.00pm and after that it just got colder and colder. Copious use of fleece meant the greenhouse plants were OK (even though it went down to minus 2.7) but I didn't think to cover the new Gunnera foliage and that's been destroyed. Given how cold it was under glass, I think we hit nearly minus 4 in the garden.

    1. Hi Jayne
      Not as cold here. Got just below freezing in the greenhouse but tomato plants seem to have survived. Some damage on plot but hopefully nothing too serious. I'm not an early starter on the plot as I've been caught out too many times in the past. I think it's always colder at the allotment than in the garden.


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