Friday, 24 April 2015

Long Term Labelling

After a bit of a cloudy and misty start to the day by mid morning the sun was out giving us another lovely sunny and mild April day.

On the plot we finished planting out our new strawberry plants. 
We want to keep a note of each of the varieties to see which performs and tastes the best. All the rows of plants have been labelled conventionally with a plastic label and written on using a permanent marker pen. In our case permanent normally means around 6 months in summer and even less in winter months. As a long term solution all the varieties have been marked up on our allotment plans using the garden planner. The plan will have the the crops grown in each bed marked up this year and the plan copied forward to the next and subsequent years. 
Part Plan of Plot 41 with Strawberry Varieties Listed
Part Plan of Plot 30 with Strawberry Varieties Listed
At least this way once the permanent marker ink has disappeared of the labels we will have a record of which strawberries are where stored safely in “the cloud”.

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  1. I should have done something like this. I only have two varieties, but the labels came out and now I don't know which is which. Labels have a habit of wandering around here, making a note elsewhere is a good idea.


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