Thursday, 23 April 2015

Heeding Advice

Wednesday was another gloriously sunny and mild April day. If the anticipated change in the weather for next week takes place it’s going to be a shock to the system.

Meanwhile it was another good afternoon on the plot planting potatoes.
This bed was cultivated and I managed to fit in 6 rows of potatoes (1 row Winston, 2 rows of Nadine and Charlotte and 1 row of Nicola) although I didn't manage to get round to tidying up the edges of the bed.

Our first bed planted up with brassicas had lightweight mesh laid over the top of them to protect them from pests. I've decided that this might not have been the best course of action and have now supported the mesh on a few stakes to give the plants some headroom to grow.
My reason for using a fine mesh instead of butterfly netting is to hopefully keep any whitefly and greenfly off the heads of our calabrese when they develop. Heads of calabrese covered in whitefly don't make for very appealing vegetables.


  1. I'm hoping their isn't a shocking change in the weather, I put the tomatoes out yesterday. What was I thinking??? But it felt like summer, it really did. No doubt it was very satisfying to get all of those potatoes and brassicas in. Good job!

    1. Better hope that the computer forecasting models are wrong then CJ. They're certainly not always correct especially a week ahead. Our tomato seedlings are all in the greenhouse now and the temperatures not much different in the greenhouse overnight compared to outside. Fleece at the ready just in case. It's felt like summer all week here too - couldn't last could it?


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