Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Good Riddance

Tuesday was once again wet and windy with more wind than rain. The strongest gust was recorded at 40mph at 14:15. This is only the second time in five years of weather records than I've recorded a gust of 40 mph or above. The only other occasion was on 05 December 2013 when a gust of 42mph was registered which is the highest I've recorded.
Throw in a little bit of sleet, snow, hail and rain and it makes for a thoroughly horrible day’s weather. Strangely though Tuesday 31 March turned out to be the sunniest day of the month.  
There was enough sunshine to warm up the greenhouse enough for the automatic vent to open the window. Not exactly what I wanted to see with a gale force wind blowing. Fortunately the greenhouse has survived intact. 

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  1. Sorry to have been AWOL from GLA/Ossett for a while, once I am no longer preoccupied with this catchup I will have time to visit again.


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