Wednesday, 29 April 2015

A Strange Old Month

Tuesday produced the lowest average daily temperature since the first of the month. I guess we've had some of the good and not so good April weather this year. After a lovely spell of weather that made it feel like early summer it’s now turned much colder putting gardening on a hold for a while in the hope that it will change back to something milder soon. Looking at average temperature figures for this month our average high temperatures for the month have been above average however to offset that our average low temperatures have been below average. At this time of the year our tender and not so tender plants are governed more by the cooler temperatures.
Plants in the greenhouse continue to be covered in fleece each night but some of our newly transplanted tomato seedlings look like they’re missing indoor warmth.

As I've not been doing too much gardening I've managed to finish a little bit of video editing. If you didn't see our little video of the ducks on our plot which I posted on Facebook earlier in the week you can see it below.

I've also finished editing my video of our visit to the Great Central Railway’s special event “Railways at Work Weekend”.
The video features steam locomotives, goods trains, passenger trains, steam rollers, the travelling post office, together with some old railway vehicles too.


  1. Love the ducks. I think they'd like a pond...

    1. There are some ponds very close by the allotments so they hadn't far to go to find one.


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