Saturday, 26 December 2015

White Christmas

As forecast it rained for most of the day on Christmas Day. We didn’t have anything exceptional just steady rainfall for most of the day amounting to 5.8mm or 0.23”. Late into the evening despite the rain it turned ridiculously mild again for late December reaching 13.6°C or 56.5°F. 
The forecast for next week (surprise, surprise) is once again wet and windy with severe gales forecast for the middle of the week.

Despite the Christmas Day gloom, our rose White Cloud managed to brighten up the fence with a Christmas Day flower.
Now that’s a true Christmas rose.


  1. The ever-rising red temperature line is no joke either. Lovely rose - I have clematis in flower, {shaking head}.

    1. I could manage mild winter weather except that it's always accompanied by gales and lots of rain. We've some honeysuckle out but no clematis. Very odd.

  2. The Forsythia is already in full flower here!

    Something tells me that the slugs are loving this winter...

    1. We've now got an iris out in flower but some of the petals are slug damaged!


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