Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Return of an Old Friend

Tuesday was gloomy with mist and drizzle all day. It’s now 6 days since my weather station recorded even a hint of any sunshine. After a brief colder snap the mild weather, in December terms, has returned with the forecast for it to be even milder towards the end of the week.

Producing today’s blog was like having an old friend back. I normally like to write my blog in Google Chrome which seems to work quite well for me. Suddenly last week everything went wrong. Half way through writing my blog Chrome stopped working. I closed Chrome and re-opened it but still it didn't work. I decided the best thing to do was restart my computer. This had no effect in fact matters were even worse. Chrome opened up a tab and nothing happened the little blue circle went round and round and round. Chrome didn't want to work at all.

I decided to try Internet Explorer just to get my blog published. This seemed to go quite well until I previewed my blog and found all my text was a strange size. No amount of adjusting the size of the text had any effect on the published documents. I decided to try Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. I had a little more success. After a little bit of messing about I managed to publish my blog.

Not being able to use Chrome meant that all my favourite Internet sites suddenly took a lot more finding. All my favourites had suddenly disappeared. Importing them into Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer just wasn't the same. Every click seemed to demand a username and password.  
I've had a few issues with Google Chrome before. In the past uninstalling and reinstalling Google Chrome has solved my problems. So that was my next option but having done this Chrome still refused to work or even open a tab. A search on the Internet didn't seem to throw up any obvious solutions. So for the last week I've been using Microsoft Edge to produce my blogs.

I had almost given up on using Google Chrome but yesterday I decided to uninstall and then reinstall Google Chrome once again. This time like magic Google Chrome decided to work although I have no idea what I did differently this time. It did result in me losing all my favourite sites but it was like having an old friend return.

Aren't computers wonderful. 


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