Monday, 7 December 2015

Gale Force Winds - Luckily Only a Few Showers

Saturday was very windy with gale force winds for most of the day.

We were lucky to miss the enormous amount of rain that was deposited further north and west in Cumbria that has resulted in devastating floods. Our early morning rainfall only amounted to 1.6mm which fell mostly in the early hours of the morning. The gale force winds eventually started to abate as midnight approached.

Sunday was much better with even a little hint of sunshine and the gale force winds finally abated.

I did see this article in the Yorkshire Post newspaper with a video showing Malham Cove converted to a waterfall - something that hasn’t happened for a few hundred years.


  1. What a beautiful scene of waterfall! Is it tall?

    1. Malham Cove is 260 feet or 80m high. For the day it was England's highest waterfall.


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