Sunday, 27 December 2015

Flooding Update - Difficult to Believe

Up to lunchtime on Sunday it’s been sunny but much cooler than yesterday. Thankfully so far we've had no more rain. With serious flooding in towns and villages along the rivers Wharfe, Aire, Calder, and Ouse its hard to believe that I recorded only 9.0mm (0.35”) of rainfall on Saturday. To put that into perspective the record daily amount I've recorded was 39.2mm (1.54”) on 06 July 2012 so for us the amount of rainfall on Boxing Day was nothing out of the ordinary. It takes a while for all the rainfall that fell in the Pennines to arrive in the lower reaches of the rivers but it’s now doing that in record volumes.

We’re 3 miles from Wakefield, 12 miles from Leeds and 30 miles away from York and very glad we don’t live by a river.


  1. The weather have been so unexpected nowadays! It's good to hear you and Sue save from flood! ;)

    1. The weather seems a bit odd in lots of places at the moment.


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