Friday, 18 December 2015

A Short Lived Record

As I thought that high temperature record set in the early hours of Thursday morning didn't last long and was broken at 13:35 with a new December high of 15.1°C or 59.2°F. 
It was a pity we didn't have a bit of brightness to make it feel even better but it was another cloudy day with rain threatening but staying away. We ventured out for a bit of steam train photography in the afternoon.
This was The Christmas White Rose to York. It was running about two hours late so there wasn’t going to be too much chance of doing much Christmas shopping once it arrived in York. 


  1. It's been really warm hasn't it. I've noticed the birds singing really loudly at dawn and dusk, I'm hoping they don't think that spring is here.

    1. Suggestions are that the mild weather will continue to at least the beginning of January. Some cold weather will be a shock to the system. Don't seem to have many birds in the garden at the moment. We've a flock of noisy sparrows and lots of blue tits and great tits. I'm trying to photograph a coal tit but it's too quick. I'll keep trying though.


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