Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Meteorological Winter Begins

Tuesday saw the start of winter as far as keeping weather records goes. The seasons are split into 3 month spells making record keeping a little bit easier. So Meteorological winter consists of December, January and February. 

I spotted this rather nice little graphic from the Met Office which details our coldest, mildest, wettest and so on. 
Tuesday continued the spell of mild weather with the afternoon temperatures reaching 13.6°C or 56.5°F. The expected high temperature for the first few days of December is only around 6.0°C or 42.8°F. At least it wasn't windy for once although we did have more rain during the night which cleared away as it got light. Another 3.4mm (0.13") brought our total up to 40.8mm (1.61") without a 24 hour dry spell.
If I don't get out and take some photos soon I think I'll forget how to use my camera. Tomorrow looks like another mild and dry day although it looks as though it will be cloudy. A little bit of sunshine wouldn't come amiss.


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