Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Cutting Back

Monday and Tuesday have been very nice days for the beginning of December. The mild spell of weather is continuing and we've had little rain to speak of and touch wood no more gales.

I swapped some plants around from our plant hospital to go back on display in the front window. A while ago our Busy Lizzy was looking worse for wear. It had been in flower for a long time but it had succumbed to red spider mite and needed some attention. So it got my cutting back treatment and was moved to an upstairs window sill to recuperate.

The stems were cut back to virtually soil level and any remaining pests washed off the little bits of remaining stem. It was then given some fresh compost and put in the hospital. Even inside at this time of year it needed careful watering but eventually new tiny shoots began to appear and now it's back in flower and looking really healthy.
It replaced a little potted rose that had been in flower over a period of several months but it looked as though it had begun to suffer from mildew or something similar so it's had the cutting back treatment although I haven't yet repotted it. I’m not sure how it will regrow. I wondered if, like potmums, it might have been treated with something to make it grow in a dwarf fashion and it will now go on to grow into a much larger plant.
Watch this space to see what happens.


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