Saturday, 26 December 2015

Record River Levels

Boxing Day has been another wet day but although we haven’t had any great amount, higher up in the Pennines there’s been a lot more rain, a lot more! The two main rivers near to us are the River Aire which passes through Leeds and the Calder passing through Wakefield. Both rivers are at highest recorded levels. These two river drain water from the Pennines through these two cities out into the Humber Estuary and finally out into the North Sea.
The link to this Environment Agency site is

This shows the flood warnings on the river Aire at the top and Calder lower down the map.
From the link to Visit Gaugemap, in the top right hand corner of the flood alerts map, the water levels at individual gauges can be viewed in almost real time. 
4.03m represents the previous highest level recorded.
2.45m represents the previous highest level recorded.
3.87m represents the previous highest level recorded.
At least we live on higher ground an aren't likely to be affected by rivers flooding.


  1. There seem to be so many records broken these days. Warmest, wettest, highest river etc. etc. It worries me. I'm glad you're not in any danger from flood waters, and I hope no more people are affected by it all.

    1. For us it will be our mildest December but 2015 isn't going to be our warmest year. Lovely day today but I don't think it's going to last.

  2. Exceptionally useful links Martyn, thank you. Just wish we didn't need them . . .

    1. Old work habits can be difficult to forget. I was usually involved in checking out bridges after flooding events.


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