Tuesday, 22 December 2015

A Visit to the Plot at Last

We had our first visit to the plot in about six weeks on Sunday. The weather was pretty good, very mild for December and sunny too at times. We managed to harvest a few vegetables which Sue covered in her blog post here. I'll just add my harvesting table below with a few additional comments.
Although the birds don't seem to have returned in anything like their usual numbers so far this winter I've now got a regular female blackbird who magically knows when I open the door to go out and replenish the food on the bird table. She keeps her distance but as soon as I move away from the bird table she hops on whilst all the other birds think I'm too close and stay away. It means she gets some time to herself and a chance to pick the best bits before any body else dares to land. Perhaps she'll get tamer as winter progresses.
These are my best pictures so far. Even though I've had my camera over 12 months I'm still learning about new settings. I've always struggled to get my camera to focus on the centre of the screen. It focuses on something off centre and not at all where I want. It can be very frustrating when it won’t focus on the subject in the centre of the viewfinder. I've now found out how to correct this but I still need to make adjustments to get a greater depth of field especially in dull weather. You will have to watch this space to see if I manage to solve this problem.

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  1. Lovely photos, I hope you sort out all your camera settings soon. I have a blackbird here as well that pretty much clears the bird table every time I put things out. A little robin helps out, but mostly its the blackbird.


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