Saturday, 5 December 2015

Was It Sunshine

For a few minutes on Wednesday morning the sun came out. It wasn't out for very long but I did just manage a photo as the low morning sunshine lit up our hedge. 
The very mild spell of weather is continuing and it’s much milder than we might expect for the beginning of December. The bad news though is that it’s accompanied by more gale force winds.

Thursday was dull and miserable with rain at times but first thing Friday morning was bright again. It was our first planned trip over to Manchester as part of Sue’s ongoing eye care. To be honest I was rather pleased it was mild for the trip over the Pennines which can be a difficult journey in bad weather conditions.
Well before we reached the tops the sun had disappeared but at least the rain held off.
Even the traffic wasn’t too bad and the 50 mile journey was accomplished in a little over an hour. In Manchester the Christmas Market was in full swing.
The return journey was a bit of a nightmare as it took well over two hours due to the volume of traffic.

The result of the consultation wasn’t what we’d been hoping for. Sue needs to see another specialist before any further progress is possible.

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  1. How frustrating - hope the next consultation happens soon & in decent weather.


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