Tuesday, 29 December 2015

I Don’t Believe It!

Monday wasn't such a bad day. It was a cloudy day but thankfully the rain held off and it wasn't too cold considering it’s almost the end of December.

It’s only just over a week ago that I posted about the warmest December day I've recorded. I made the point that we hadn't any spring flowers anywhere near out as other bloggers, facebookers and twitterers were posting. Well now that’s not the case.
This little gem is on flower in the front garden. What’s even stranger is that Katherine Hodgkin should be the first iris out on flower in this bed. But after looking carefully I couldn't see any signs of her.
It does look like the flowers have been nibbled by slugs which I don’t expect to happen in December. It’s just a sign of how mild this winter has been so far.


  1. The slugs have been very active in this mild winter - the spring cabbage are looking like lace, the leeks are full of slugs between the leaves & the autumn sown peas came up well and then disappeared just as quickly under the plague of small black slugs that seem to ignore slug pellets. We need a sharp snap of cold weather to slow the slugs down before spring.

    1. I noticed lots of slug damage on the plot during our last visit. It's more like a long autumn here rather than winter!


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