Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What a Surprise a Damp Bank Holiday Monday

I shouldn’t be surprised that Bank Holiday Monday turned out to be wet. It’s what we expect from a Bank Holiday but it’s so much better when the weather turns out to be good. As it was it started raining in the early hours of the morning and continued into the early part of the afternoon. In the end we had 8.0mm (0.31") of rainfall bringing the monthly total up to 64.0mm (2.52") around average for the month.
Our outdoor cyclamens are now coming into flower. Some of the spots that these tough little plants survive in amazes me. We have one bunch flowering down on the plot under our Marjorie’s Seedling plum tree. The grass under the tree gets strimmed every few weeks through the summer and I take no special precautions to avoid where the cyclamen corm survives in amongst the grass.
This year at home we have a little bunch of flowers at the bottom of the steps to the summer house. How this corm has arrived and grown I have no idea. In July 2014 I constructed the steps leading up to the summer house. This little spot where the cyclamen is growing was covered in mortar as you can see from the photo taken when the steps were under construction.
This year without us doing any planting we have a lovely little cyclamen growing happily next to the step where mortar was left over from building the steps.


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