Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Too Hot for Planting Onions

After the pleasant weekend Monday was mostly wet. The rain didn’t stop until the middle of the afternoon when the sun managed to come out. It never felt very warm even in the late afternoon sunshine.
Temperature, Rainfall and Solar Radiation for Monday 21 September 2015
The days rainfall came to 4.4mm (0.43”) bringing this months total up to 29.6mm or 1.17in. Average rainfall for the month is 43.2mm or 1.70in.

Rather bizarrely we were told in our local garden centre yesterday that their supply of winter onions hasn’t been delivered because their suppliers think the weather has been too warm. I wonder where they live? 
Ossett Average Low Temperatures for Recent Septembers
Last year our winter onions were bought from the same garden centre and planted on 25 September during a much warmer spell of weather. They went on to produce one of our best winter onion crops. We’ve found that if planted too late the onions don’t do any growing before the cold weather sets in and then they just rot away over winter. 

We might have to look elsewhere for this year’s supply of onions.


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