Monday, 7 September 2015

A Weekend Harvesting and Clearing

The cold start to September continued over the weekend. Sunday was far the better of the two days with almost unbroken sunshine after a very chilly start. In the afternoon sunshine the temperature just about reached the average for early September.

The plot is certainly taking on an autumnal look now as beds are cleared of their summer crops and dug over ready for winter. I lifted our maincrop potatoes over the weekend. They’d all produced a crop of smallish potatoes which I’m putting down to a dry summer spell when they should have been growing well. They didn’t get watered and the result is small potatoes. They’re all usable though with very little damage from pests.
The bed where the potatoes were is now dug over and ready for covering with weed control fabric.

We still managed to do some harvesting though. Our runner beans and climbing French beans eventually recovered from their slug attack and the cold weather and are now producing beans at an amazing rate. Our Victoria plum tree has produced an excellent crop this year and so far the wasps don’t seem to have found them. I think they’re still busy finishing off what’s left of the greengages.
I don’t know if it’s just me but we seem to be well into autumn not just at the start. 


  1. Awesome autumn harvest! The beans are really producing well!

    1. At one time in summer we didn't think we would have any runner beans at all. Now we have beans to give away.


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