Monday, 21 September 2015

Varied Weekend

The weather over the weekend was pretty decent and we made the most of Saturday’s weather with a little bit of harvesting on the plot. Although we can harvest a few bits and pieces on each visit production is beginning to wind down as we move further into autumn. 
On Sunday we visited the North Yorkshire Moors Railway to get some pictures of 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley, a steam locomotive making its final appearance on Sunday before been withdrawn for a major overall. This will take several years to complete and be a costly exercise.

It was one of those days when the Sat Nav went a bit haywire. Once into the North Yorkshire Moors things seemed to be going alright and the chosen route was alone decent enough roads. 
Then all of a sudden we were off the main roads and heading along little used country lanes. We got a little bit worried but we’ve had this sort of thing happen before and it’s usually turned out okay. 
This time it didn’t as we were instructed to turn right down nothing more than a bridleway which was narrow and unsurfaced. It didn’t look like the sort of road that you could turn around on if things got really tricky. Eventually we found our way back to some proper roads. However we did have to cross this ford which Sue wasn’t too happy about at all.
We managed to make it to Grosmont to get some picture of 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley leaving the station for the engine sheds. It was much later than planned and took place almost in darkness.
There were lots of other folk who hung about into the darkness to see the locomotive steam into the engine shed.

As Sir Nigel tooted its farewell, out of the darkness a male tawny owl hooted back.

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  1. Yorkshire scenery is so beautiful! Like Sue, I'd get a little nervous crossing the road with more than a puddle on it! Looks like you had a nice weekend.


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