Monday, 31 August 2015

Days Out, Montyed Tomatoes and Calmest Day

The last few days haven't been too bad but nothing really special for August. At least the rain held off whilst we had a couple of days away.

On Friday we visited an owl and falconry centre in Rutland. As we made our way there we drove through a heavy shower but luckily by the time we arrived at the centre it had stopped raining. All the birds were housed in a woodland setting which made for some rather challenging photography settings. Rather poor light and lots of obstacles in front of the owls and falcons made focusing tricky too. I've never done so much manual focusing before. The end results didn't turn out too badly.
On Saturday we had lunch on The South Yorkshireman dining train travelling between Loughborough and Leicester on The Great Central Railway.
If you follow my blog you’ll know I’ve complained about how we’ve had lots of windy weather this year. On Sunday we had one of the calmest days, if not the calmest day, of the last 6 years. 
These are the wind speed records for the 3 days when the wind speed has been recorded as 0 mph and a maximum wind gust speed of 1.0mph. I think it’s fair to say that Sunday was the calmest of the 3 days.

Having watched Gardeners’ World on Friday evening I decided to do as Monty Don suggested and remove most of the leaves from our plot tomatoes growing in the greenhouse to let some light and hopefully a bit of sunshine to the fruits to give them a chance to ripen.
On the photograph there still looks to be plenty of greenery left on the plants but I did have a full barrow load of leaves to remove to the compost heap.
My plan is to give the plants in our home greenhouse the same treatment.


  1. Your tomatoes look better than Monty's. He was very pessimistic about them on Gardener's World.

    1. At least Monty shows things that haven't done very well rather than just the best bits.


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