Friday, 4 September 2015

Covers Are Out

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty substandard for the beginning of September, much more akin to October, especially Thursday with a high temperature of only 14.7°C or 58.5°F and a cool breeze.

On Wednesday I decided to tackle the bed that a few weeks ago had large cracks in the soil as a result of a dry spell of weather. The recent rains had certainly got the weeds growing and it’s a reminder of what a good job weed control fabric does.
This is how it looked before I began. The weeds and flower remains were dug out and the cultivator was put to work. The soil was in a much better state for digging and the cultivator did a good job. If anything the ground was a little bit on the wet side but it dug okay.
It’s now ready to be covered with weed control fabric and planting up with wallflowers and sweet Williams for next spring’s cut flowers. I did intend to get a little bit more cultivating done but a heavy shower brought the covers out to protect the cultivator from the rain.
We didn’t get too much rain but it was enough to make the top of the soil a bit claggy and sticky so I decided it would be best left for another day.

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  1. Thank you for sharing...Will look forward to your border with the wallflowers and sweet William...


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