Monday, 14 September 2015

In Autumn Mode

After a chilly start Sunday turned out to be a nice day with plenty of sunshine and a high temperature of 18.1°C or 64.6°F.

On the allotment I seem to have got into autumn mode far too quickly. I feel I should be clearing beds ready for winter digging. However on Sunday afternoon I prepared a bed ready for our autumn onions and garlic. It's had fish, blood and bone added and been covered with weed control fabric.
Sue was busy lifting the last of our summer onions and shallots to dry off in the greenhouse. I went round the raspberries, blackberries, plums and runner and climbing French beans to harvest more goodies to freeze for winter.
That still left tomatoes to be picked from the greenhouse and from outside. I'm amazed how well our Sungold tomatoes have performed outdoors especially as it was pure luck I bothered to put plants in. Normally the odds and sods would be dumped on the compost heap. We've been especially lucky as they haven't been affected  by blight this year.

After this year’s success I might plant some tomatoes outdoors next year to use up any spare plants that haven’t made into the plot or home greenhouses.

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  1. That's beautiful harvest of onion, fruits and vegetables! I never have luck with tomatoes this whole year!


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