Saturday, 12 September 2015

A Dry Start to September?

I've been trying to decide for most of Saturday morning just what to blog about but the weather has made it a bit tricky. It was going to be about the dry start to September but it's raining on Saturday morning as I'm writing this post so the dry spell has come  to an end.
On Friday afternoon I'd tried to cultivate some beds on the plot. A couple dug nicely but some others were too dry and wouldn't break down into the fine tilth I wanted.
Some of the soil had formed into small rock like pieces which wouldn’t break up with the cultivator. A drop of rain will probably help.

Having looked at the forecast for next week I don't think the too dry issue is going to last for very long. It looks like next week is going to be wet. 
At least the bed for planting our autumn onions and garlic dug okay so that's one job we can do once we've bought some onion sets. That’s provided it doesn’t rain too much.


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