Monday, 28 September 2015

A Settled Spell

The weather has been fairly settled for the last few days. It’s meant some cool, cloudy or even foggy mornings with some afternoon sunshine if we’ve been lucky. Sunday produced the coldest day of autumn so far despite a mild and sunny afternoon. A cold night with the temperature down to 4°C (39.2°F) followed by a foggy morning left us with a daily average of 9.8°C or 49.6°F.
The foggy mornings do show how many spiders webs we have in the garden. Our palm tree seems to be particularly favoured.
After a couple of days away in the North Yorkshire Moors photographing birds and trains it was back to the plot on Sunday to plant our winter onions. I think that completes all our sowing and planting on the plot for this year.
It will soon be time to start planning next year’s crops. Those tempting seed catalogues are already falling through the letterbox. 

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  1. Beautiful photos! Especially the train! enjoy your vegetable gardening plan!


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