Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Two R’s

The last three days have been a mixed bag as far as the weather goes. Monday and Tuesday were wet as forecast although we didn’t have much rain on Monday. It was more persistent very light drizzle all day. It made it feel wetter and damper than it really was. Wednesday was forecast to be wet but it turned out to be sunny and easily the best of the three days.
Temperature and Rainfall Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 September 2015
The temperatures have remained on the cool side for September with some chilly nights. It’s our coolest September since I started keeping records. 
Our tomatoes are ripening fairly slowly which I’m putting down to the chilly nights and often dampish daytime conditions. I did pick this bowl of John Baer tomatoes on Tuesday a new variety for us which has done well this year.
However we’ve quite a few tomatoes that are beginning to rot away on the plants before falling off onto the greenhouse floor.
Not a pretty sight are they? Carrying on unscathed though are Sungold which have reached the eaves of the greenhouse and are using the grapevine for support. They’re still continuing to give a regular supply of very sweet and tasty tomatoes.
I might remove our remaining green tomatoes and see if they will ripen indoors rather than leaving them to rot on the plants.


  1. Sungold is a really good outdoor tomato too - although it gets very big and heavy and I have to use robust 7ft canes pushed well in to support it.. It will also survive a bit of blight, whereas my favourite tasting tomato Gardeners Delight collapses at the very thought of blight. I've had to ripen most of my tomatoes indoors this year so the flavour is lacking for a taste comparison, but in particular Orkado has produced plenty of large tomatoes.

    1. Amazingly our tomatoes have ripened almost as well outside as in the greenhouse. I think it's time to bring all of the remaining green ones inside now before it gets any colder.

  2. Last year we had a bumper tomato crop but this year, with all the Kentucky rain, the tomatoes would tend to rot on the vine. Looks like you had lots of good tomatoes this year!! Maybe next year our tomatoes will look as good as yours!

    1. We've had a good crop this year unlike the last couple of years. Good luck with your tomatoes next year.


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