Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Iffy Forecast

Monday’s forecast was a little bit iffy. It was supposed to remain cloudy and cool all day but that wasn’t exactly right. The morning was pretty dull as forecast but the afternoon brightened up and the temperature lifted to a respectable 20.2°C (68.4°F) giving us our warmest September day this year. It was like a little bit of summer returning.
However despite the return of summer for a few hours it hasn’t done much to improve the cold start to September.
It does look like it might be a bit warmer later in the week.


  1. A little spot of summer yesterday, swiftly returning to dark and chilly autumn today - it's a good job that emptying compost bins is such warming work !

    1. I've got two to empty and two to turn but I'm leaving them till winter sets in.


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